I Am Officially a Geek…

Yes, it’s official: I am a bus spotter.

This May marks the 50th anniversary of the withdrawal of the trolleybuses in London. The one thing I find fascinating about history is when you find out that something existed which you never thought would have previously existed. For me, the trolleybus is one of these things. I didn’t realise that London and elsewhere, in particular, Twickenham where I currently reside, once had cables running across the sky – cables crossing amongst the rooftops for trolleybuses. Trolleybuses were basically tall, double-decker buses that were powered by these electric cables.

Someone recently drew my attention to their existence in this wicked little video – people from Twickenham or the surrounding area will recognise it as part of the 267 bus route. People will also see there used to be trams in Twickenham, as you can see the tramline in the road, which used to go up to Fulwell bus garage. For those of you who have no idea about this area, you might at least enjoy the video, or maybe just the music accompaniment:

I love the way that cyclist is totally taking advantage of the slipstream.

Anyway, there was a trolleybus open day at Fulwell Bus Garage last Saturday. I was probably the youngest person there without the excuse of taking my kids to see it like the other young people. In fact, these young people were at least ten years older than me even. So, without further waffling, here are some snaps I took (I hope you appreciate them – there was a lot of elbowing with arthritics for decent angles…sorry – no more jokes about old people):

A tower wagon that used to fix the overhead cables:

I was impressed by this man’s outfit:

An original trolleybus:

I think this is great – modern day recovery vehicle beside olden day repair vehicle:

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